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Safari Camps for Outstanding Safari Events, Weddings, Functions; Launches & Incentive Travel in Africa

Hayward’s Grand African Safari’s provides esteemed groups access into southern African wilderness areas not accessible to the general public, ensuring total exclusivity and guest comfort in bespoke, luxury tented African safari environments that are First Class and of extreme privilege.

Each 5-star rated safari camp is a once-off, sustainable, eco-friendly venue offering safari guests the ultimate in Grand Safari Experiences – legacy-building interactions with wildlife, land custodians and park wardens.

Our carefully designed Corporate Events have won numerous international awards and are designed to make an indelible impression on all who attend.

The Hayward’s Luxury Tented African Safari Difference

Our incredible temporary, luxury tented African safari camps are sanctuaries of peace, tranquility and intrigue that celebrate the unexplored spaces of adventurous Africa in true expedition style and provide guests with a luxury transition from a frantic workday world into a universe of calm open space and a deeper understanding of life itself.  Our roots are in Africa and the company’s experience in luxury safari travel spans many decades. Find out what makes Hayward’s special.

We look forward to welcoming you with our warm African hospitality, as we’ve done since our very first grand safari in 1993.

Peter Hayward and Crew

A Hayward's Luxury Tented African Safari

Haywards Luxury Tented African Safaris