Best literary and film references to prepare you for a 5-star Safari in South Africa

Mar 09 2019
South Africa is a vast and diverse landscape encompassing a rich cultural history. International safari travelers to its world class wildlife reserves and heritage sites are always curious regarding both is past dynamics as well as the country’s modern-day political characteristics. We have compiled a ...
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Functional and Fashionable Safari luggage from Africa

Feb 18 2019
Flying into Africa on a five-star luxury safari? Top quality luggage is essential. Firstly Safari luggage must serve as the ultimate in travel and adventure functionality but that doesn’t mean you have to lose out on ultimate style or exquisite design! With Hayward ...
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Destination Wedding on a Private African Safari

Feb 03 2019
A Destination Wedding in South Africa is an exclusive and private event for groups of 200 looking to celebrate an African Safari Romance. Expect two hundred wedding blessings and two million stars in the night skies above you when you book your Destination Wedding ...
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Heritage Tourism on a Big Five Incentive Safari

Jan 28 2019
Following25 years of taking big group incentive participants on luxury safari, Five Star Hayward’s Safaris in South Africa understands how important it is to engage with the local communities living in and around the countries pristine and heritage site wildlife reserves. Taking luxury ...
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5 reasons why you should book a 5-star mobile safari in South Africa

Jan 21 2019
How do you experience five star luxury when on a mobile tented safari in the African bushveld? It’s a matter of simply deciding which pristine natural wildlife reserve or Big 5 game region you would like to experience and leave the finer 5-star ...
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Public versus Private Safaris: The Incentive Edge in Africa

Jan 17 2019
A 5-star safari is a lifetime event for international travelers to Africa. Is it possible to offer blue-chip South African companies a luxury safari as a corporate incentive to top performing sales teams in their own country? We asked Adventure Extraordinaire and Safari ...
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Cullinan Diamonds and Premium Five Star Safaris

Jan 14 2019
Find a blue diamond on your next Big Five Diamond Safari business incentive programme situated just an hours’ drive from Johannesburg with Hayward Safaris and diamonds sourced from the world-famous Cullinan Mine, home of the the richest source of rare blue diamonds ...
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Your Safari Event Environment Makes a World of Difference

Jan 11 2019
A white board is a white board and a chair at a conference or presentation is just a forgotten chair unless you place it in an extraordinary environment that sparks the imagination. Then, the moment returns to you as a present encounter in ...
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Retreading the Exco Footprint on a Corporate Safari Event

Jan 09 2019
Making their own unique set of safari tracks across the African landscape, Auto and Truck Tyres, a leading South African tyre company based in Gauteng, ventured out of town on a weekend safari to Hayward’s Safari Sanctuary to strategise and adventure into ...
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On a Grand Family Legacy Safari in Africa

Nov 20 2018
Producing a World Of Wonder
A Family Legacy safari is a grand affair which sees the gathering of all your family members, from grandparents to young ones, for a private and intimate holiday rendezvous of between 30 and 40 family members. Many extended families today choose the tradition ...
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Your Event Environment Makes All the Difference

Nov 19 2018
Haywards Luxury Safari Camp
A white board is a white board and a chair at a conference or presentation is just a forgotten chair unless you place it in an extraordinary environment that sparks your imagination. Then, it returns to you as a present moment in ...
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Creating a culture of leadership legacy through C-Suite engagement

Oct 30 2018
High profile leadership within the Top 500 companies in South Africa collectively manage over R3,5 Trillion but for those who form part of the baby boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, retirement looms along with approximately 10 000 other Boomers globally. In comparison, currently only five ...
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A History of Safari Exploration into Africa

Sep 20 2018
Explorers of olde opened up the first trading routes and safari expeditions in Africa.
Since its early beginnings, Safari expeditions have been shrouded in mystery and allure as new frontiers were discovered by adventurers, scientists, cartologists and botanists on journeys of discovery, through hardship, disease and sometimes death, to satiate their thirst for knowledge in areas ...
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Are you a Travel Event Professional?

Aug 13 2018
Grand Safari Greetings to you! Hayward Safaris extends a personal invitation to attend a site visit at our Safari Headquarters situated in the Big 5 Dinokeng region, just north of Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa. Offering authentic 5-star Out of Africa safaris and events ...
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Meeting the Perfect Brainstorm Occasion for Corporate Strategy and Agility Planning

Jul 25 2018
Global economic pressures and a 2,2% contraction for South Africa’s GDP in Q1 2018 sees blue chip companies incorporating paradigm shift strategies to outmanoeuvre the competition via disruptor-style meetings; moving top performers out of the four walls of the corporate environment and ...
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On Safari with a Dedicated Wildlife Photographer

Jun 04 2018
An African Safari is not only about appreciating wild animals in untouched and remote destinations; it is about becoming immersed in an experience that focusses in on geographic artistry, cultural dynamism and the magnification of the cycle of life that exists between ...
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Safari Dining: on a journey of wild beauty and world-class cuisine

May 31 2018
With seasonally cooler weather approaching, Winter is the best time to view game in the bushveld with less foliage to camouflage the wildlife. It is also a time to indulge in Hayward Safaris’ sumptuous world-class safari cuisine perfectly paired with local and ...
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Enjoy Big 5 game viewing in Gauteng on a 3-Day Gentlemen’s Safari

May 21 2018
If you're looking for a Big 5 luxury safari experience in South Africa but only have three days on your itinerary to ‘see it all’ you might want to consider a private safari experience just one hour’s drive from Johannesburg, in the Dinokeng ...
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5-star Safari Outfitter Hayward’s Hosts Select Expeditions into the Kruger National Park

Apr 12 2018
The Cradle of humankind safari
An encounter with wildlife in its natural environment is both a privilege and a rarity as the 950 000 annual tourists to the Kruger National Park of South Africa can attest; now raising the bar for investment in sustainable tourism, Hayward’s Grand Safari ...
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Group Safaris impact growth of tourism investment in Africa

Mar 29 2018
The tourism economy is one of the best performing economic sectors in South Africa and is a dominant tool for economic growth in developing and transition economies. Following its recent spotlight on the world stage as the only African nominee, and winner ...
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CSI intiative stimulates cultural ‘gold’ of South African artisans

Feb 25 2018
Too many travellers to South Africa remark on a lack of availability of cultural and traditional arts and crafts to take back home with them; instead finding only burgeoning super malls offering universal brands and products already easily accessible back home or ...
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Hayward’s Grand Safari Company puts Africa on the map as World Leader of the Grand Safari

Dec 20 2017
Hayward’s Grand Safari Company South Africa has received the top title in the category as World’s Leading Glamping Operator at the 24th Annual World Travel Awards red carpet event which took place at the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Vietnam earlier ...
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Nov 15 2017
Preceding finalists from 11 African countries and excelling over 47 000 votes, Hayward’s Grand Safari Company has clinched The Safari Guild’s Best in Africa Award for top Mobile Safari at the 11th The Safari Awards, announced by CEO Henry Hallward at a glittering ...
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Nov 02 2017
Africa encompasses great wilderness and conservation landscapes that bypass African borders and allow wildlife to migrate and move freely between South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho. These wild landscapes are also referred to as the Peace Parks: Adventure Extraordinaire Peter Hayward ...
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10 Reasons Why Event Professionals Prefer Working with Hayward’s Safaris

Oct 23 2017
The Gourmet Burger

What sets Hayward's Grand Safari Company apart when it comes to travel expeditions, tourism incentives and 5-star private events and functions? These ten points ensure luxury African Safari success for your big group event because WE ARRANGE: 1. Transfers and shuttles into camp whether ...
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How top companies retain their top performers

Oct 09 2017
A company’s corporate culture can be quickly identified by how they communicate with and reward their staff at the end of the year. South African companies looking to cut corners when it comes to showing gratitude, engagement and vision for their employees ...
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Hayward’s Poised for the Global Stage and your Vote Counts!

Oct 05 2017
The 24th World Travel Awards have nominated Hayward’s Grand Safari Company in the category of World's Leading Glamping Operator 2017. YOU, our valued guests and travel industry professionals will make this a reality when you cast your vote and help us celebrate our continent’s excellence in ...
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Vote: Hayward Safaris nominated as Best Mobile Safari by

Oct 02 2017
The 11th Safari Awards 2018 Nominees have been announced and Hayward’s Grand Safari Company has been nominated once again for our standing title of Best Mobile Safari in Africa Award. Sponsored by The Safari Guild, The Good Safari Guide and SATOA, voting closes on 15th October 2017. Please click on and place your vote in ...
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Winner: Hayward’s Grand Safari Company named best Five-star Lodge in the Sanlam Top Destinations 2017 Awards

Sep 22 2017
TDA Winner
At the prestigious 3rd Sanlam Top Destination Awards 2017 which honours key players in SA Tourism and Hospitality, Hayward’s Grand Safari Company has been named the Winner in the Five-star Lodge category across southern Africa. Hayward’s Grand Safari Company provides private groups of ...
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Hayward’s voted by the public as a Finalist in the Sanlam Top Destination Awards 2017.

Aug 21 2017
Hayward Safaris
Hayward's Grand Safari Company, owned and managed by Peter Hayward, has been voted by the public as a Finalist in the Sanlam Top Destinations Awards 2017. The annual Sanlam Top Destination Awards, now in its third year, acknowledges top accommodation establishments as key ...
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Industry recognition for MICE professionalism in luxury Safari expeditions 2017

Aug 17 2017
Celia du Preez
Celia du Preez is Hayward’s Grand Safari Company’s secret weapon. Providing luxurious experiences for 200 VIP delegates on mobile luxury safaris across Africa, the company’s operations in themselves are a huge undertaking; yet Celia and her team continue to receive an average ...
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Celebrating Women’s Day: Custodians creating a world inheritable to our children

Aug 08 2017
The 9th of August is a day of rest. It celebrates a day when women can put their tools of protest down and rest in peace knowing that they are pioneers of freedom and democracy; that women have been birthed a voice ...
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A Taste of What it Takes to Host ‘Celebrity’ on Safari: Homage to ‘Madiba’ on Freedom Day 2017

Jul 19 2017
Latest News Peter Hayward
  “If you could host anyone in the world, dead or alive to dinner, who would it be? It’s an age-old interview question asked to ascertain whom you most admire and respect. Not surprisingly, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s name comes up frequently and will continue ...
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Brand launches out of the box and into the wild

Jun 29 2017
Latest News Peter Hayward
Marketing campaigns have traditionally followed a ‘push’ model of communication; speaking to audiences instead of pulling people in with storytelling, conversations and by addressing contemporary needs and interests. Savvy marketers of today however understand that the goal is to involve customers in ...
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Conferencing with a Twist of Safari Adventure

Jun 22 2017
Latest News Peter Hayward
In 1820, twenty-five years before the famous explorer David Livingstone arrived in Africa, 24-year-old James Hayward, stepped ashore at Algoa Bay, South Africa to begin an adventure into uncharted territory. Young James, who is today Peter Hayward’s great, great grandfather was to ...
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Engaging Workforce Millennials Requires Out of the Box Ideas and Experiences into Wild Frontiers

Jun 08 2017
Millennials are the most educated and culturally diverse of any generation that has gone before; they are also the least engaged part of the workforce  at just 28.9%, according to a recent Gallup Poll, making them notorious job-hoppers. Once you have hired ...
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Responsible Tourism: Leave No Trace includes your Waste Water

May 11 2017
Latest News Peter Hayward
South Africa’s drought status has highlighted corporate responsibility towards efforts to use, conserve and recycle waste water responsibly but what happens when you are on a Hayward’s Grand Safari expedition in the hinterland of Africa? "We pack it in and we pack it ...
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When all the Rhinos are gone…

Apr 24 2017
Have you ever seen a Dodo? This soon might be the question we ask regarding rhinoceros and the future of these horn-nosed herds to live and roam freely in Africa’s wilderness areas. International travel advisors and organisers may not be aware that it ...
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Trending growth for South African Business and Incentive Tourism as defined by World Terms

Apr 18 2017
Latest News Peter Hayward
Just over 5.5 Million people moved through South Africa’s ports of entry in just over 30 days between 9 December 2016 and 14 January 2017, according to the latest stats from the World Tourism Organisation, highlighting that tourism to South Africa attracts ...
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Witness the Equinox and rebalance your Life with a Grand Safari Experience

Mar 27 2017
Balance is key to Life. Nature teaches us this in the synchronised union of her elements. The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and we experience the perfect balance of night and day. Around the third week ...
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