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Oct 22 2014

Here are some of the most important aspects I believe that make a grand safari event perfect and have helped us win world acclaim for some of our grand safari events to date.

1. A client that has a dedicated event specialist, well versed in their corporate’s event and function history and understands exactly what they want when it comes to their events – and knowing definitely what they don’t want is vitally important. Without this know-how, each event becomes a mammoth undertaking as everything has to be relearnt each time – usually by mistakes.

2. Meeting critical event roll-out deadlines. When deadlines are ignored for important criteria such as deposits due, rooming lists, menu and dietary restriction advice, supplier confirmations and deposits etc. The whole machine grinds to a halt and becomes a stop/start bulldozer with no diesel. Ignoring deadlines is boring and dangerous and puts the main suppliers such as the venue you have chosen under serious and unnecessary stress.

3. Ensure the Event is unique and top drawer. When you design and or create events at venues that anyone has access too, it all be comes a bit run of the mill. If you are rewarding your Top 100 it would be of great value to them is you could produce an event in the middle of nowhere, where there is a 99% chance they have never been before and experienced anything like that – something not open to the public. Then it becomes a truly privileged occasion. They are Top 100 after all so have the spend to buy any type experience open to the public already – even the QEII! so thinking out of the box makes all the difference.

4. Consider taking partners and or even the whole family.  We have run some of the most successful events in our 20 year history of the Grand Safari with partners & families. It’s delightful if the safari region is well chosen (does not have to be BIG 5), and the camp is set up to handle children (Ideally 8 years old or more – although we have had 3 month old babies on safari in the past!). Its is truly great to watch parents mingling with their kids in a great outdoor environment.  We’ve set up ranger training for them so they are fully involved in a range of exciting things to do whilst the parents enjoy massage, spa treatments and Gin & Tonics (Capitals intended)

5. Guide your guests – you don’t have to spoil the surprise factor by telling them exactly that they are going on a grand tented safari – but do at least tell them they are going to be experiencing the great outdoors and wear adventure type gear. We have had groups arrive in their 3 piece suits and Gucci’s before and boy do they get the bliksem- in!

6. “Further Away” does not guarantee an awesome event – after doing grand safaris for twenty years I have learnt that it is a myth that the further away you do an event, the more it is appreciated. The problem in our current economical climate is that chartering big groups on planes into “exotic” locations takes up half the budget. Half the budget blown on an experience most executives loathe. This usually equates to huge $’s and one wonders why we keep doing this.

As much as we love doing grand safari camps in Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique, it all becomes a very costly logistical exercise. When we recently launched a Ferrari 458 out at our Dinokeng HQ in Gauteng Province South Africa, it really brought this home to me. Suddenly we had budgets for outstanding entertainment, hot air ballooning, camel rides and all the best safari pastimes – and still came in under budget!

Go figure.

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