Fireside with Peter Hayward

Feb 05 2015
At the fireside with Peter Hayward

Dear Visitor,

Fireside with Peter HaywardIf you’re anything like me, or at least anything like how I used to be, you dream of escaping your everyday life to the bush. The mystery of Africa whispers to you and draws you in. Maybe you manage to get away every weekend; maybe it’s only once a year; maybe you’ve never been. Once upon a time I was a part of the corporate engine – perhaps the same one you dream of escaping – but I didn’t feel like that was my purpose, and I found myself looking for something more.

After much soul searching I realised that I had a great role to play here in Africa – to gather all my expertise I had learnt in my various working careers and bring them all together to share with like-minded opinion leaders by producing a truly authentic African styled hospitality experience that would enrich their lives and allow them access to an Africa not seen by the average traveller. Using mother Africa as a platform to present her cultures, her wildlife and her mystery I proceeded to construct a never-been-done before mobile go anywhere safari tented camp of grand proportions aimed at adventurous VIP Groups of delegates or private parties all wishing to make a difference for Africa one way or another.

Its been an incredible journey and over the next few months I would like to share with you some of the stories, anecdotes and hysteria it has taken to make this dream survive…ensuring you get the inside gen of what it takes to run a grand safari camp and remain an entrepreneur in Africa, no matter what

Pull up a chair and sit with me as I share with you my explorations and escapades, stories and lessons. I’m looking forward to your company.



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All my exploits are on facebook, and
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But its always best to meet face to face





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P.S. The Guests say it all – Since our inception in 1999 Hayward’s have achieved an average of 9.6/10 across 22 points of guests satisfaction feedback – see our client and guest feedback letters here.

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