Frequently Asked Questions while on Safari in Big 5 Territory

Mar 21 2019
hot air ballooning at dawn when on safari

A Big-5 Safari is a once in a lifetime journey to the continent of Africa for an experience like no other.

Even if those born on the tip of Africa, a big group safari expedition is a very different experience to that of a visit to a national park or camping out in the African bushveld.

A mobile Safari camp is fitted out according to bespoke 5-star specifications and set up for guest exclusivity in some of the most remote and pristine wildlife reserves ever discovered.

Backed by over twenty years’ experience as a safari outfitter Haywards Safaris ensures your safari event, celebration or corporate meeting meets international standards in comfort and safety. With adventure extraordinaire and host Peter Hayward overseeing each and every private safari expedition since inception, big groups are assured of an experience that returns memories to last a lifetime.

Peter Hayward answers some frequently asked questions when considering embarking on a safari journey:

What’s the difference between visiting a 5-star lodge in a private reserve and a Hayward’s Safari mobile safari experience?

A bricks and mortar lodge is anchored within one specific wildlife area and usually caters to single travelers who book into the lodge to share a public safari experience.

Hayward Safaris is a once-off exclusive venue set up in remote wildlife reserve environments of choice, such as the Kruger National Park, for private groups of people who want a bespoke experience where there are no other guests about.

Is there a Minimum Stay and size of Group?

Hayward Safaris have a minimum two-night, three-day Sacred Safari and Gentleman’s Safari offering for groups between 40 and 200 guests. In addition, custom groups may book out our camp for anything up to three-months at a time in desert to delta environments in Namibia, South Africa and East Africa.

Can the itinerary be changed?

Each camp is a bespoke affair which is pre-planned from packing, transportation and set up in the location of each silver salt spoon to safari tents, the menus of choice, the brand of cigars and the wines served with dinner. Our mobile safaris run according to pre-specified themes and schedules for the group as per the instructions of the CEO or Event Professional.

Our Safari staff maintain a 24-hour service from game guarding to lighting lanterns, heating geysers, provide butler services and attending the bar and preparing meals. We produce up to 14-courses out of our mobile 5-star camp kitchen so requests to bring dinner forward an hour earlier can be challenging. We prefer you enjoy bush-time and stay scheduled according to the group’s movements for both safety and optimum service.

What time is wake up?

According to type of Safari event you have booked, this is entirely up to the group. If it’s a destination wedding, the bride and groom dictate the hour. For safari meetings we schedule in the meeting planners time logistics between breakfast, a safari picnic, sundowners by the watering hole and themed evenings.

A bespoke safari is just that, you decide from the many options what you want and how you will enjoy it. Mornings start with the butler waking you with coffee and biscuits.

Will we have internet access and AV facilities?

Yes, each Safari camp fully equipped to provide 5-star conferencing for up to 200 guests with wi-fi, AV and full staging facilities for brand and product launches.

Apart from game viewing what other leisure activities are there to enjoy?

All activities and themes are presented and discussed with you at planning stage. These may include hot air ballooning and helicopter safaris, clay-pigeon shooting, guided photography expeditions, art therapy, culture interactions, Spa therapies, or corporate social investment initiatives.

Is there a gift shop or curios I can buy to take home with me?

Yes, the Hayward Safaris corporate social investment arm produces a custom range of quality leather and beaded bags and safari wear and we engage the group with cultural dance, art and trading interactions where you have an opportunity to trade and buy items.

Is there air-conditioning in the tents?

Yes. We can also organize a pool to be brought in.

What does the Safari Spa offer?

Hot Stone massages, aromatherapies, copper bath spas, manicures, pedicures and hair stylists.

Is it safe in my tent at night?

Each cotton canvas Safari tent is safari proof from predators. There is a bell to call for emergency assistance from our guard rangers who patrol throughout the night. Your valuables are also safe since there is no other person around except the guests and camp staff.

What are the chances of catching Malaria?

In South Africa we are a low risk malaria area. Your doctor can provide additional information regarding the use of prophylaxis. In addition to anti-malaria medication we recommend safe practices when in the bush, such as covering your arms, feet and legs at sunrise and dusk. We provide a good quality mosquito repellent in your tent as well as mosquito nets.  

Can we tip the Safari camp staff and game guides?

This is always appreciated. We encourage one donation at the end of the trip which can be shared with all service participants equally.