Portfolio of South African Tourism Images

Jun 01 2013
African Safari Planner

I have a proposal for you and would like to invite your participation.

Since you are one of South Africa’s top Event Organisers who are committed to bringing local and international groups to experience the wonders of Southern Africa, I’d like to help your efforts, in the interests of increasing tourism to our wonderful country.

One of your challenges is not having access to great photos that depict the very best Southern Africa has to offer. As you are more than aware, a picture certainly is worth a thousand words.

So here is my idea:

  1. I’ve persuaded some of the best photographers in the country to make their work available to you for promotional purposes.  These are high resolution of stunning South African scenery.
  2. You may use these pictures in any way you wish, provided the discreet watermarks are not removed.
  3. You may not offer these pictures for resale – they are for your use only to use in brochures and other promotional material that promotes South Africa.

I trust you will be excited about this and will see this as a good opportunity to spread the visual beauty of South Africa to your VIP clients planning on visiting South Africa.

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A zip file of more than 30 stunning images.

Includes contributions from:

  • John Costello
  • Mariska van den Brink
  • Ryan Graham

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