Latest Safari Feedback

“The staff have absolutely amazed me, their friendly disposition was so refreshing. We have been to top class hotels country wide and never experienced such friendliness and willingness to please. I would certainly recommend Hayward’s. Love, love, love the staff! As I have mentioned above, what a pleasure to be made to feel so special and important. Giving top marks is usually not an easy task, but they are just so deserving! WOW! You have truly out – done yourselves! Gosh, here I go again! Awesome, Awesome! Where did you find these chefs? The food has been gastronomic! CONGRATS GUYS – YOU’RE UNBEATABLE!!” – MERCK

“We would like to thank Hayward’s for a wonderful conference and a unique experience! We had fantastic feedback from staff (even from the non-campers!) that the attention to detail was awesome and the food without exception exemplary. You are an incredible team that really works well together and clearly showed enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile. We thank you again for a wonderful experience and hope that Hayward’s goes from strength to strength. Don’t think camping could get more pleasurable than this, thanks for treating us like royalty!” – D.W.

“A real safari Experience” – C.F.

“Thank you for a great event!! I’ve had great feedback – even from the non-campers!!! It was a totally unique experience – one that I’m going to battle to top into the future!!! You have a great team who work very well together, who clearly show their enthusiasm and the willingness to go the extra mile.” – J.P.

“Fantastic experience. 5 Star service in the middle of the bush. Staff very friendly and helpful. Hope to be back one day!” – E.J.

“If you hadn’t this experience with Peter and his crew you wouldn’t believe something like THIS exists. BRAVO to all the gears of this wonderful gearbox. It works with 4×4 as well!” – P.D.

“Words aren’t enough to express this wonderful experience. Thank you Peter, you have a top team!” – D.S.

“I stay in hotels a lot but not one of them, not even the most luxurious can beat the stay I had in this camp. Thank you for everything!” – B.G.

“Words aren’t enough to express this wonderful experience. Thank you Peter, you have a top team!” – D.S.

“Last week Las Vegas. This week the African bush. Mars vs. Venus. The African bush beats the American bush HANDS DOWN!” – G.E.

“An experience that will be hard to top. Your staff, food, accommodation is just amazing. It’s been a once in a lifetime experience. Glad I could be part of the experience. May you go from strength to strength!” – J.M.

“Your hospitality and attention to detail were absolutely outstanding – an experience to remember. Thank you!” – H.M.

“Our THIRD experience of this amazing camp, and as always thoroughly enjoyable. We spread the word whenever we can.” – M.D.

“Change name to: RITZ IN THE BUSH!” – P.A.

“Once again, the excellent staff service is top notch. Top marks again for Freddy. I never had to look for him. He was always there willing in my way. Going the extra mile whenever he could. Congrats Peter, you have the best team.” – J.G.

Hayward’s gives amazing attention to detail. It was the best experience I have ever had! – C.F.

Hayward’s is a great setting the staff friendliness and service is fantastic. – DvdW

Everything impressed me about the tented camp. It was out of this world. Keep it up! – D.C.

The attention to detail impressed me most. Good job! – V.S.

Amazing ambience. Everything was brilliant! – Kurt

Overall 10 out of 10 – Kevin

What a beautiful experience – the setting is magnificent. – H.F.

The whole setup was great. – WvdB

The activities totally exceeded all my expectations. – C.S.

I felt really looked after and privileged. The only thing displeasing about my Hayward’s experience was my hangover. – A.B.

Service is tops, keep it up! – T.N.

Tops! Thanks Joram for a great experience! – H.G.

I was impressed by the crews and the tents – they were very clean inside and I really enjoyed the early muffins. Thanks guys, you were great! – Eunice

Everything was fabulous and the staff was wonderful. – D.S.

Unilever 25-28 June 08 – Client Impressions:

“It has been a wonderful experience.” – FYC

“This is an experience I will never forget.” – C.V.

“Phenomenal! Loved every minute of it.” – P.T.

“Fantastic!!! No more words.” – S.N.G.

“Awesome and authentic.” – E.B.

“Very unique, great service!” – R.K.

“Great! Brilliant service and lovely people.” – P.M.

What impressed you the most?

“The spirit of the team.” – J. T.

“Services and attention to detail. First time I’ve slept in a tent and I’m blown away.” – F.A.

“Professionalism and attention to every detail.” – C.V.

“Luxurious camping experience.” – A.C.

“Dining experience and salon tents.” – V.R.S.


“Feels like a hotel.” – Sanesh Allopi

“Fantastic experience, stunning.” – LDeW

“Excellent experience.” – E.R.

“The detail, all the brass goodies, the old world charm and stories.” – H.M.

“There was always someone to attend to our every need.” – S.W.

“Down to earth attitude yet top class service, the Butlers Gilbert and Ivan were awesome and the kitchen staff extremely impressive – Invite me more often” – B.M.

“Everything was great!” – CdeW

“The attention to detail and the nice hot showers.” – C.S.

More Client Impressions:

“A fantastic experience – staff are ALL excellent – a wonderful experience and I would love to come back again.” – D.P.

“I have loved the experience and would highly recommend it” – TvanH

“Outstanding! Everything 5 STAR” – L.W.

“10 OUT OF 10 EVERY DAY” – F.B.

“Good attention to detail in the middle of the bush, great experience outdoors, necessary to detox ‘city life’.” – S.M.

“Food, professional service, surroundings – WOW! Keep up the good work!” – D.B.

“What an excellent experience!” – HvdH

“The entire experience is Luxury and superb staff” – H.S.

Celebrity & Opinion Leader comments:

“Awesome, beautiful, classy Africa at its best” – G.B.

“Great style – Congrats” – C.S.

“The newest most wonderful experience” – P.P.

“This has been the highlight of South Africa” – C.S.

“I will never forget this experience and never forget South Africa” – J.S.

“The time spent here belongs to the most beautiful experience in m life” – A.F.

“Peter a truly wonderful experience that had a very major contribution to our leadership experience thanks to you and your great team” – N.L.

“Peter as mentioned not only do you and your team create an unforgettable experience with standards of décor, service, food that are world class, but you teams working is inspirational!” – G.K.

“48 hours gave the feeling of 2 weeks safari experience – it was just great!” – H.S.

“43 years old and NEVER had a better experience!” – A.M.

“Thank you for the magnificent hospitality is such a beautiful and inspiring environment” – R.C.

What our clients have to say:

“Attention to detail, even though there were so many of us, was great, thank you.” – P.H.

“Your attention to detail was magnificent…your people blew my head off. In any service industry it is no mean achievement to educate people to really romance the client – your people did just that!” – J.B.

“I do not know how to thank you and your team for turning the New Discovery (Land Rover) launch into such a phenomenal success… the dealers cannot stop talking about the launch!” – I.B.

“Our sincere thanks to you and your whole team in the Okavango Delta for the wonderful time our groups from Anglo American Mining experienced. Everyone was most impressed with the standard, quality and quantity of food. The tents were most comfortable!” – J.A.

“Words seem a little limiting! This has been something really precious. Thanks to you and a really great team” – F.M.

“An incredible logistical exercise that met the highest expectations. Thank you and congratulations” – J.N.

“An incredible conference – exceptionally well done to you and your team Peter” – B.H.

“Professional and brilliantly planned and presented. In line with the Land Rover lifestyle. Definitely a first and a giant success – three big thank you’s!” – P.R.

“Best Incentive we ever had” – W.J.

“To work with you – that is more than unbelievable!” – S.H.

“You can’t take credit for the venue, (the Richtersveld National Park) but you did a miraculous job making it so comfortable” Thank you!” – J.R.

“Whenever I think about the Nissan Hardbody, I always cast my mind back four years to mid 1995 and one of the most wonderful launches I’ve ever had the privilege of attending … I was in tent 21. It was a stunningly beautiful venue. Much better than a posh hotel – that night we dined on champagne and oysters” – C.C.