Witness the Equinox and rebalance your Life with a Grand Safari Experience

Mar 27 2017

Balance is key to Life. Nature teaches us this in the synchronised union of her elements. The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and we experience the perfect balance of night and day. Around the third week in March, as the day begins to fade and the sun settles down to the horizon, so the Moon rises in direct reflection of her golden rays, providing a magical luminosity in the balance of light.

Such displays of Nature lining up her heavens are best enjoyed deep in primeval Nature without the light or noise pollution of the city. Prepped and ready for sunset at each ending of the day, Hayward’s Grand Safari Company provides a magical setting in which to witness this dance. Crackling fires invite the impending dusk while tinkling drinks celebrate the rising of the moon. An owl calls softly and elephant slow down their long day’s foraging.

Very few have the privilege of experiencing this astronomic event in such a pristine setting. The bush ignites all our senses. The dust settles, the air cools with the rising fragrance of the brush, the last bird calls herald the stirring of the lion to hunt and survive. As the moon rises into the night sky, another world awakens.

Nelson Mandela participated on four different Hayward’s Grand Safari’s, returning to his rootedness in Africa in this way. Hayward Grand Safari Company serves a pristine experience fit for kings and presidents so that corporate groups or a niche collection of private visitors may have the opportunity to return to our first knowing. It is a time to re-experience the time of Nature, and how Life fits in with the symmetry of both light and dark with man bearing witness between a life-giving Sun and the Moon’s silent shadow.

“You can’t help but look up,” says Peter Hayward, Safari Adventurer Extraordinaire. “I have experience many equinoxes from many different Safari camps and wildlife reserves in Africa and it is a breath-taking moment for me each time.”

It takes no more than 12 minutes to experience the Equinox and then Venus heralds in the night’s sky, followed by Orion’s Belt, Jupiter, Mars, Sirius. On any clear night camped in the wild and away from the glare of the cities you can witness an ever-changing display of stars, constellations, bright planets and on special events meteor showers and shooting stars. Watching the night sky can be done with the naked eye, although a telescope or binoculars will enhance the experience. One of Hayward’s Grand Safari camp astronomy experts leads a fascinating journey of the stars and planets in the night sky, weaved with cultural myths and tales of old.

“When you share moments like these with friends they stay with you forever. We booked my husband’s 60th birthday with 150 of his closest friends to coincide with this moment and it was simply magical. Hayward’s didn’t just give us a 5-star experience, it was a 6-star experience supported with an eight-course dinner and a classical orchestra, a hundred kilometres away from humankind and any light switches. It’s something that lives on in our heart forever,” says one recent guest on returning from their private safari in the Kalahari Transfrontier Park in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Enquire about your next special event with Hayward’s Grand Safari Company in Botswana, South Africa, or Namibia and witness the next Equinox occurring on the 22nd September 2017.

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