Frequently Asked Questions

“Camping is for people who can’t afford hotels – safaris are for those people who are bored with hotels.”
Peter Hayward

Over the years many clients / agents have raised questions on various concerns that arise when considering a safari tented option as an alternative to a permanent “bricks and mortar” venue. Following are some of the typical questions raised and answers to these questions:

What makes Haywards UNIQUE?
  • Hayward’s provides groups with the opportunity to access and set camp in incredible wildlife reserves.
  • Each safari event is only accessible by the group, therefore the safari is highly privileged for individuals.
  • Each and every safari is highly eco-friendly and provides a unique opportunity for groups to become involved in village community building projects that leave behind a sustainable legacy. YOU determine the level of luxury
What is the smallest group one can do economically?

What is economical for one client may appear exorbitant for the next. That is why each safari expedition is costed and quoted, tailor made and outfitted to the client’s specific requirements. Starting with the reality of the client’s budget, we look at allocations towards transport costs of the camp equipment, the basic safari infrastructure requirement and the number of guests.

To get maximum value for money groups should be more than 40 pax, less than 120 and stay minimally on safari for 4 nights/5 days.

This way the set up fees and logistics are more evenly spread over the guest numbers and longer period. Based on this criterion, the smallest group one can do economically is the group for which the client is prepared to pay. Hayward’s recommends however, that groups of no less than 24 persons experience a Hayward’s safari expedition although private safaris of one couple will be considered if the client is prepared to pay the basic infrastructure and set up costs that could accommodate up to 40 guests!

Why are ONE NIGHT safari events so expensive?

The same principals as discussed above under group sizes apply in terms of the spread of the initial static costs and infrastructure requirements. These costs, being invariable, are reduced substantially when spread over a longer period on a “per person, per day” calculation

What happens if it’s cold or hot?

Hayward’s state of the art expedition equipment is designed and manufactured specifically to accommodate the extreme variables in climatic conditions experienced in Africa. The design and quality of canvas allows for unsurpassed natural temperature control. Blankets are provided for additional warmth together with hot water bottles in winter or cold regions.

What happens if it rains?
All tents at Hayward’s are 100% waterproof, so there is no difference between a Hayward’s Tented Safari and any other venue, as far as the weather is concerned. Indoor activities and entertainment are available for those that do not wish to participate in outdoor activities in the event of inclement weather. Umbrellas are provided in each tent as standard equipment, for moving between various in-camp facilities.
Do we have to bring our own towels and toiletries?
Towels and toiletries are supplied as standard for all Hayward’s safari expeditions. Quality bath towels, hand towels and face cloths are provided in the rooms and at communal toilet/bathing facilities. Exclusive handmade soaps, shower gel, shampoo and body lotions are provided for guests.
What about toilets?
International standard portable flush toilets are utilised throughout the camp. En suite accommodation options provide a toilet unit per sharing room, whilst standard shared ablution camp modules provide for communal toilet areas throughout the camp. Toilets are serviced every hour and sanitized after each use.
What about showers – will other guests see me naked?
Clients can choose between our tents – each with shower, toilet and washbasin – ideal for couples, or we can set up for delegates our luxurious communal shower rooms – a hedonistic experience to say the least – ideal for delegates. Shower buckets are housed in double cubicles, which provides for a completely private change room and shower experience.
Much like a traditional spa, the Hayward’s Executive Revitalisation Centre consists of beautifully decorated communal area where guests gather before entering the private shower cubicles. This area is draped with soft muslin curtains, which provide additional privacy. The service is run at all hours and includes hairdryers for the ladies.
How safe are guests in wilderness areas?
Guests are never allowed to wander out of the designated camp whether the camp is electrically fenced or not. Guests should always be with a guide.
Although unobtrusive, the electric fencing system utilised is designed to effectively repel most small and large game species. Should any wild animal enter the perimeter of the camp, armed game guards are on 24-hour patrol within the camp area and are easily summoned to take care of any situation that may arise. As safaris are always conducted in remote wilderness areas, the likelihood of strangers entering the camp area is virtually non-existent, so safety from a criminal point of view is improbable – all guests must sign our standard indemnity form PRIOR to joining the safari.
How does the butler service work?
Groups of accommodation tents are staffed by a team of highly trained and competent camp staff under the direct control of the Camp General Manager and the CEO of the company. Regardless of their post description, all staff are trained in the techniques of dealing directly with guests with regards to their personal requirements. Camp Butler duties include assisting guests with technical operation of the equipment where necessary, escort duties within the camp perimeter, assisting with carrying luggage and helping guests to remain comfortable during their stay. Personal requests by guests for room service from the bar, cleaning, polishing shoes, arranging guided walks with guides and general “fetching and carrying” are cheerfully and efficiently carried out. Our handpicked staff are renowned for service excellence and know how to maintain an unobtrusive presence to assist guests with their every need.
How are conferences in a bush environment handled?
Conference requirements vary from client to client. The level of technicality of any conference can be met provided client’s budgets allow. A standard bush Indaba tent is calculated into any request for a conference safari as a point of departure. This conference facility consists of a turn of the century styled bush indaba tent kitted out with comfortable directors chairs, tables with cloth changes daily, fans for air circulation, flip charts and pens and overhead projector. Additional requirements such as power point projectors, sound and elaborate lighting can be incorporated, utilising our standard in camp generator.

Additional upgraded facilities can be sub-contracted in and include blackout marquees with decorative draping, carpeted wooden floor panelling, air conditioning and separate breakaway rooms. Powerful silent generators are hired in as optional extras to cater for any out of the ordinary powerful presentation equipment that may be required. In short, Hayward’s is able to tailor make and duplicate any state of the art conference facility in the world, provided that the client’s budget fits with his requirements.

Are there cold drinks and ice?
Absolutely! The bar facility, like everything else at Hayward’s is state of the art. Fridges, deep freezers, refrigerated trailers and trucks ensure that all drinks served at Hayward’s are kept ice cold, day and night. Constant supplies of fresh ice for mixing drinks are always available.
What activities can one do on safari?
Exciting and unique activities are sourced on a regional basis for each expedition or event. Any activity not available for a particular area is imported at the request of the client. Unlike fixed venue lodges, Hayward’s offers a unique service in the provision of activities as add on alternatives for our guests. So guests may enjoy the same level of service at any venue, with a completely diverse range of activities on offer, in respect of return guests, by simply changing the region for their next expedition. Hayward’s prefers to schedule activity participation into smaller manageable groups of guests so that individuals enjoy a more personalised experience.
What if guests don’t want to share?
Single accommodation options are available up to a maximum group size of 60 persons on a Hayward’s VIP safari. A single supplement is applied, once again, in terms of the initial, static, set up and infrastructure costs involved. The more people and the longer the period, the more economical the safari.
Can we have double beds?
Standard safari equipment consists of single beds in twin format. However, we are able to combine single beds into a double bed format should clients specifically request this. For couples attending a Hayward’s safari, the romantic ambience of the camp, coupled with the romance of discreet nightly forays into the partner’s bed, even though only one metre away, has rekindled the sometimes long forgotten dating game and added unexpected excitement to an already exiting and unique experience.
Is there air conditioning?
Air-conditioning is not conducive to re-creating an authentic turn of the century safari expedition.

Apart from the logistics of connecting electricity supplies to each tent to run the air-conditioning units, the purpose of a “turn of the century” experience would be defeated. The noise factor, together with the network of electric cabling to facilitate this, would simply destroy the special ambience that Hayward’s strives to achieve – capturing the romance of a bygone era. Safaris in classic style, such as those offered by Hayward’s, are designed for the “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” client. These are the people who understand and appreciate the value of listening to un-adulterated African night sounds and feeling the coolest of African breezes caressing their sun-drenched skin, whilst drifting off to sleep and imagining themselves transported back in time to a bygone era.

Furthermore, Hayward’s is an extremely environmentally conscious operation, and all safaris are conducted in wilderness areas within National Parks and indeed, in many areas declared World or National Heritage Sites. The effect of CFC and noise pollution emanating from the use of air-conditioning units would be totally unacceptable in terms of the company policies with regards to the environment.

HOWEVER- Portable Air conditioners can be hired in and a single unit system has been designed for the Indaba Conference tent which seats 200 persons.

Are camp staff members permitted to fraternise with guests?
Very definitely and equivocally – NO. “Familiarity breeds contempt” and any staff member in breach of this ethic is dismissed without consideration. The hallmark of Hayward’s standards is to supply a safari experience, which out-does, and out – performs any experience ever conceived by the client. Staff fraternising with guests would seriously compromise the guests safety, enjoyment and health and is, therefore not permitted.
Where do portions of the final bill get allocated to?
A substantial portion of every project price quoted is levied by National Parks and private landowners, whose properties are utilised by Hayward’s for safari events resulting in a considerable donation by client. The camp site hire fees, gate entry fees, wood and fresh water supplies, casual labour, game drives, various activity options within reserves and guest transfers in and out of sites are a few of the charges that accrue to the parks utilised. To date Hayward’s has paid huge amounts to National Conservation authorities on behalf of our clients. Corporate clients may use the opportunity, whilst on safari, to pay the fees levied for the above items, directly to the landowners as a specific donation to conservation by their company. Cheques in excess of R 100 000,00 per safari expedition have been handed to conservation in the form of press opportunities at the final gala evening of the safari where the Park Warden is invited to attend as a special guest together with local press to record the donation.
How have you secured concessions in these reserves?
Peter Hayward has a ten year track record in conducting safaris throughout Southern Africa. National Parks approached for concessions are aggressive in conducting reference checks on past performance, which to date has been exemplary, and have been unable to decline applications on this basis. The relationships built up over the years as a result of our dedication to delivering what we promise under any circumstances, eco-friendly approach to the extremely sensitive areas utilised and never failing to perform strictly within the parameters laid down by the parks, ensures our tenure in South Africa’s premier tourist destination areas.
Environmentally conscious (impact on the ground)?
Hayward’s are GOLD CLASS members of the Heritage Environmental Rating Program and Award winners in the Imvelho Fedhasa program. Without a doubt, Hayward’s has proven its dedication to working within the extremely strict parameters laid down by the conservation authorities. Regular impact assessments by the land owners/trustees are conducted throughout every safari and the letters of appreciation and congratulations received from the persons concerned are proof of the level of our meticulousness.
What does Hayward’s do for local indigenous populations?
Hayward’s uses local suppliers for the many and varied requirements when operating within these rural areas. Local labour is utilised for construction and break down of camps and for filling of in camp posts where extensive training or specialist experience is not required. Local operators and suppliers of much of the camps foodstuffs and client activities are also used as far as practically possible. This ensures that we maintain and preserve excellent working relationships with local folk, who always look forward to our arrival for the next safari. The input in terms of payment of premium wages for services rendered is always greatly appreciated.
Involved in any previously disadvantaged communities?
Hayward’s crew members are selected on their production records and their willingness and ability to go the extra mile in providing a unique and memorable experience for the client. On this basis our staff compliment is inclusive of both males and females in senior executive posts. Extensive in house training on site as well as office training and course room training is offered to all staff members on an ongoing basis. This has resulted in the rapid promotion staff members from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to senior executive levels such as Senior Housekeeper, Assistant general Manager and Assistant utilities manager in camp. In fact, certain casual labourers have also been promoted up the ranks and now form part of our permanent in-camp project staff.
What is the level of game guides and rangers at Hayward’s?
We use the very best and most qualified rangers and guides a region can offer. Many have doctorates and Masters degrees in their particular areas of expertise.
What can we expect from a Hayward’s safari Experience?
Expect a highly organised and totally focused experience that is truly authentic, run and managed by a motivated team of South African’s who are all totally enthused with Africa and her special magic and able to produce what is promised in more ways than one.

At Hayward’s it is never the bed you buy – it’s the experience you never forget.

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