Welcome To Unexplored Africa | T: 0861 732 583 | E: info@haywardsafaris.com

Welcome To Unexplored Africa | T: 0861 732 583 | E: info@haywardsafaris.com

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Bush Conferences close to the City of Johannesburg and Pretoria

Using the sensory delivery of the seasons, the landscape, the flora and the fauna combined with 5-star cuisine, and a wholly and totally private meeting space, event organisers can guarantee their groups see no other corporate delegates or guests in sight. With top-level service and high-end meeting facilities, booking your private luxury tented safari event on the edge of the city is guaranteed to become your biggest event coup of the year.

Outdoor safari event

Safari Butlers of the African Bush

As custodians of the guest’s experience in some of the wildest and untouched landscapes across the globe, the Safari butler carries his own instinct for the bush and a finely-tuned sixth sense for serving up luxury and wildlife adventures in chartered spaces.

Safari butler at high tea in the African bush

Bird-watching Safaris in South Africa

Dinokeng is one of South Africa's best bird-watching regions in South Africa, in terms of species and numbers. Drive just one hour from Johannesburg or a mere 30 minutes from Pretoria into the Dinokeng wildlife reserve region, and you will experience the highest count of bird sightings in South Africa equaling over 350 species in just 24 hours.

The Blue Crane of South Africa on a Hayward Safari

Luxury Safari Travel that doesn’t follow the Crowd

For those looking for exceptional experiences off the beaten track we’d like to invite you to revisit what an authentic African Safari is really about and how you can best enjoy Africa’s wild beauty like nowhere else to be found on earth on a Hayward’s luxury mobile tented Grand Safari; as authentic and original as your great grandfather safari memories of days of old, with slathering of 5-star luxury thrown in.

Authentic African mobile safari with Hayward's Safaris

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