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by | Mar 8, 2023 | At the Fireside with Peter Hayward

Greetings there,


Let’s do some serious exploration today? Okay?

Perhaps you and I are collaborators in the world of hospitality, tourism and entertainment. Right? Or at least we should be I’d say!

We both have an built-in character that feeds on the “feedback” from our enthralled clients – and its always way beyond their expectations! We are a special breed of humans hell-bent on bringing pleasure moments to our clients and their guests that enter our solution based world of hospitality.

This makes us special human beings. The givers of the gift of affinity for humans in general!

We are both constantly challenged on a world stage to present our portfolios of product or service to attract people from our shores or other countries (and often other world’s?!?) to come and explore this sector of earth usually as tourists, or families or in a corporate group for a meeting, an incentive, congress or event.

We are both highly focused in not only attracting such interest but confirming that interest and conducting the functions required for the client paying for event. It is expected we deliver that service or product beyond the guests expectations. Over and over again. One episode at a time.

We are up against pretty stiff competition too. We compete with other product owners and other event organisers or tour operators on the world stage.

So then, what makes us stand out from the crowd? What part of the industry do we own? Are we able to offer experiences that are unique for the target audience we service. Are we able to create experiences that give huge returns on investment for the client – to such a degree the event costs next to nothing?

You see, it’s my opinion #fname, that if we don’t do this and our exchange with our client is lackluster then we contribute to the hospitality industries ultimate failure. Sad but true.

Even more unfortunate is that we then are first in line to fail. It doesn’t matter how many stars your establishment has or what awards you’ve won because each new client is looking for “service beyond the norm”. That’s what brings them back again isn’t it?

So what then is your organisations Unique Selling Proposition? What sets you world’s apart from the competition? What are you world renowned for?

At Hayward’s Grand Safari tented camps we focus a lot on this question as one thing is for sure – we are not a “bed option”.

Our motto from day one has always been ” We Take Care”.

  • We take care of you the gatekeeper or Intermediary to ensure your client is totally understood as to their event needs.
  • We take care of the guests by enthralling them every safari step of the way
  • We take care of our staff in order to better serve you and our guests.
  • We take care of our land custodians and surrounding communities to ensure our wilderness is protected and supported positively.

With a 97% Guest Satisfaction & Service rating across 22 points of consideration and with thousands upon thousands of such ratings on file since 1991,  I can confidently tell you without any doubt, we will never let you down. A supreme safari experience is exactly what we can create for you.

To your next adventure!

Happy exploring


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