Time out on a truth seeking Safari

by | Nov 8, 2022 | At the Fireside with Peter Hayward

It’s been quite some time since I posted on the Fireside Chat.

There are many reasons for this but predominantly it has been because content for the sake of content is not my style and nor is “motivational type “ra raa” that often comes across like an empty bell on a doomsday march.

The way forward is always to understand exactly what the Current Scene is. You cannot dream up an Ideal Scene when you are running the current scene based on false narratives.

Is it possible to get the truth of the current scene? How does your Current Scene compare with those from afar? Is humanity under attack planetary wide? If so what precisely threatens it?

The hospitality industry is a servant to humanity. It plays a vital role, much like a pressure gauge that lets off steam before the pot explodes.

People travel as this opens up viewpoints, changes perceptions and enhances the narrative. It lets off steam. 

Since the early 90’s our function has always been to create stress relief temporary tented environments in partnership with nature to maximise the detachment required for our guests to rest. To become a little less frazzled. Perhaps even a bit saner. To become more human.

Africa ignites the soul. The camp fire unwinds the tanglement. The roar of lion or growl of a rutting Impala awakens our senses. Life is out there. Nature does not need to become apathetic due to stock market collapses or impending economic disasters. Nature is clean in its approach to life. Each and every morning the birds begin by cheerfully welcoming the warmth of the sun, the zebra dash down towards the river and the crocodiles emerge from their lairs to bask out on the sand banks. Life goes on. It is focused. It is jubilant with hope. It’s joyous in celebration – even when it’s hot and dusty and no scent of rain is in the air.

In a sense the hospitality industry closely mimics nature doesn’t it, #fname?

We remain smiling and keen to please with genuine care no matter the challenges – we strive towards service excellence even when the planet descends into apathy. Ours is a calling to remind those on the front line that they’re important. Their sanity and peace of mind invaluable. It is our job to take care of each guest as though a valuable family member.

Yes, we take care and ensure the environment provides the medicine the soul requires to revitalise itself.

truth seeking Safari

That’s hospitality at its basic-basic level. It’s a non negotiable isn’t it? You want to feel special again. You appreciate being granted beingness. You are floored by the care that is taken by those serving you. Nothing is assumed by your hosts.

Safari brings out the adventure in you. Safari means to journey, to explore, to meet new people and build up your network. Safari means to research and discover how each cog in the clock fits and plays its role in marking time through the art of living itself.

Each day on safari is a preview in a bigger movie and the story is about you – your life. There is enough content to write a book or even a love letter to those you miss most. You are afforded time in Africa. You are granted permission to be.

Africa is after all the birthplace of man.

Welcome home. Your safari awaits. Come immerse yourself in the ancient rhythm of life.

It is totally accessible to those willing to adventure beyond the ordinary – discovering boundless space and unencumbered purpose.

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