Reflections of safari life

by | Dec 15, 2020 | At the Fireside with Peter Hayward

Grand safari greetings,

No matter the state one finds oneself or ones fellow humanity in, it’s useful to take stock of what was achieved and what one DID that worked, that changed the game and took one to new heights.

In this way we impress on the positive actions and repeat them and discard the actions that produced little.

For me it’s about reflections of the camaraderie experienced on each and every safari tented camp event we did.

Each of the departments working together to produce a safari of life changing proportions – and the banding together of selected service providers all working hand in hand in one clean purpose driven action to produce a safari that is nothing short of astounding. That’s the language that turns on my passion!

Our slogan, “Inspirational explorations for extraordinary people in support of a sustainable planet” has always set the bar for us and stood to remind us of what we have achieved and what is yet to come.

Whether we had Nelson Mandela enjoying our tented camp safari dining experience with us, or incredible musicians such as Dire Straits, Creedence Clearwater Revival or Johnny Clegg – this all combined with delectable eight course themed dinners under canvass on the edge of nowhere to leave guests in a state of privilege not often encountered in a lifetime.

Our safaris are often filled with royalty, opinion leaders or business tycoons and even celebrities of international fame – I’ve served Tina Turner, Mariah Carey and European royalty too and on one occasion the Springbok Rugby team!

It has truly been a legacy of one enthralling safari camp event after another. Such grandeur with guests all dressed for spectacular themed candlelit dinners under canvass or out on a lazy jazzy white mischief styled picnic under the thorn trees. The settings have always been a prime feature of the Hayward’s Grand Safari Camp experience.

Vivid memories for thousands upon thousands of the guests we’ve hosted since our first “Glamping Safari” in 1993 in the Namib Desert.

I don’t think “glamping” was even a term in those days but we certainly pioneered “glamorous camping” since that time with our rare 5-Star Rated (Hayward’s has consistently achieved a 5-Star rating by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa) mobile expedition camps.

I suppose we are dealing here with memoirs. Prized memoirs of safari life that created an industry which I believe has become a really great option – big events – off the grid – little to no impact on the site – and each camp designed around the needs of the client and their illustrious guests. It’s been a pleasure of rare magnitude for us as each and every safari event is planned right down to the last detail.

It can’t get more bespoke than that can it?

Looking forward to host you and your guests at a Hayward’s Grand Safari one of these fine days.

Until next time.

Keep Exploring

Peter Hayward
Chief Expedition Officer

P.S. This is the product we produce: “A rare & privileged tented safari camp event that supercedes the expectations of our clients in every way and is fully acknowledged as one of the greatest wilderness event experiences of their lives.”


  1. Des Muller

    So well presented. I want to have the experience and share it with close friends and colleagues.

    • Peter Hayward

      Awesome Des. We hope to be open for grand safaris soon!

  2. Johnie

    How I wish……

    • Peter Hayward

      Keep postulating – these wishes come true!

  3. Eva Witter

    This is awesome Peter!! So delighted you are doing this and you need to do a book of your life!! Thank you!

    • Peter Hayward

      Thanks Eva – a book is in the pipeline for sure!

  4. Chris Dresser

    Hi Peter,

    Glad to see you’re still creating a wonderful magical world of forgotten dreams in superb luxury.

    I’m still pushing the dream of making Bushveld as a TV series. It’s a constant roller coaster ride but I’ll never give up.

    All the very best to you, your family and your team over this isolating Christmas.

    • Peter Hayward

      Well that’s amazing Chris and congrats on your recent book release!


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