Making it go right no matter what it takes

by | Nov 26, 2021 | At the Fireside with Peter Hayward

Grand safari greetings,

It’s been some time since I put pen to paper. A strange time indeed that now seems to be becoming a new way of life!?!

Are there any lessons we can take home from the world-wide situation going down? I’m sure you have a few to share too!

I’ve certainly learnt a few. With our big group events industry heading for a two-year shut down now, it’s certainly got me to confront what it’s going to take to keep the pot boiling, that’s for sure.

But it’s been a time to sharpen up the lines that determine our organisations specific service offer. Clearly being “just another venue” ain’t going to cut it!

Once we’ve determined exactly what sets us apart from many hundreds of other facilities can we get our potential clients to see this exact picture and duplicate it into a vibrant benefit that fits their goals and purposes like a glove?

How do we come back stronger and wiser is another consideration I’ve had. What training can we do? How do we get the game up for all our staff and subcontractors? The advent of Zoom workshops has been a critical motivational tool to keep our crew members focused. Online Life Skill training courses have been offered to all and those completions have had a big impact on our delivery quality, that’s for sure.

Then, can we actually make it happen no matter the challenges and can we pull off the safari event way beyond the client and their VIP guests expectations?

Well ABSOLUTELY. Our most recent grand safari event expedition took us into the heart of iSimangaliso where we set up our grand safari tented camp for a group of top production award achievers. They were all set to head off for an extravagant Russian International odyssey when the dreaded lockdown laid waste to those plans – and looked hard for other options before choosing a top drawer African adventure with – Hayward’s.

We were challenged to find a location no one had ever been to before and give them an experience they themselves as individuals could never access. And that’s exactly what’s made our brand world famous and is exactly the space we love to operate in!

“All in all our clients rated this experience at 97/100 Guest Satisfaction proving beyond doubt that South Africa can mix it up with the world’s very best experiences”.

Do you have a South African based group with 4 or 5 nights to experience a Hayward’s Grand Safari event beyond their imagination?

We specialise in this space. Give us a call.

Here are a few pictures of this location. It’s 90 km from the nearest town and it cannot be found on Google Maps… where would you think such a place still exists?

“A rare & privileged tented safari camp event that supercedes the expectations of our clients in every way and is fully acknowledged as one of the greatest wilderness event experiences of their lives.”

Great touching base with you again!

Remember the common reality the human race sets up and agrees on, isn’t necessarily the truth.

Keep Exploring

Peter Hayward
Chief Expedition Officer


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