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Grand Safari greetings to you

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to not only have a career that fulfills your own passions and allows you to live your dream, but also lets you create inspirational explorations for extraordinary people – the type who put high value on their exclusivity and privacy when envisioning their authentic Africa.

This trust in your expertise to offer them something unique, something less trodden and something that may even change their perceptions of life itself, is more valuable than gold.

The mere fact that you are receiving this letter from me means you too have a great passion for Africa and celebrate in experiencing exemplary African safari events of dynamic proportions.

My own story is that after a multitude of experiences in the corporate world (from deep level gold mining to financial planning, fund raising, documentary film making and endangered wildlife breeding programs) for the first part of my working life, I finally reached those dusty African cross roads many of us get to at a point in our journey – a time to stop for a moment and look deep into the soul and confront that nagging feeling that we’re supposed to be doing something more meaningful with our lives. I never imagined it would be the expanding of my hobby horse I had been busy with since the mid 1970’s?!

And so by the early 90’s when I finally conceptualized “The Grand Safari Tented Camp concept”, it was the first of its kind and it had one simple purpose – to allow big groups of VIP’s to experience the wilderness of Africa in an authentic 5 star tented safari camp.

This product was designed to fulfill a simple exchange with clients – producing a rare venue with an uncanny ability to produce exceptional and unforgettable events in the African wilderness.

Why am I telling you this?

Well simply because I do believe that to be in the event business one is automatically an entrepreneur – and entrepreneurs don’t follow the beaten path or paint the same old tired pictures everyone else has seen a thousand times – they are always creatively seeking out new solutions – tried and tested solutions.

In my case that’s what it was all about  – a new concept that solved many criteria and granted big groups, for the first time, access into the African hinterland by using this new solution – a 5 STAR rated tented go anywhere event ‘hotel’.

The next challenge was to put this solution in front of VIP incentive groups – international celebrities, opinion leaders or blue-chip business tycoons seeking the perfect private party or product launch venue in exceptional African locations.

When I started out (highly cash strapped to say the least – no banks would loan me money to buy tents) I realized that from the outset this journey had to be like no other – a sacred soul safari, suspended enticingly in space and time with the intention of reawakening participants perceptions, illustrating to all (guests, crew and land custodians) what can be achieved with minimalistic concepts – and a maverick outlook!

So yes, definitely NOT a “Bed” solution. But YES, a true experience indeed.

So one could say that we are both living in the universe of SOLUTIONS. Finding, sourcing, equating, evaluating and presenting, solutions. However, solutions are easier said than done sometimes and are known to backfire and burn ones backside to say the least. It’s therefore always a good thing to investigate track records and client feedback to hedge the bets and ensure you are recommending the genuine article. Not the cheap copy.

Evaluation is based on fact and does the venue tick all the boxes required to create a dynamic event?

So yes, the Hayward’s Grand Safari tented camp is a big consideration in your arsenal of unique southern African products to offer – ensuring your travel and tour concepts are exhilarating to say the least.

Let’s together both envision the Hayward’s Grand Safari journey as a choreographed expedition into time that leaves behind a thought-provoking legacy for everyone who participates?

I look forward to presenting to you or hosting you on a site inspection again out at our HQ north of Pretoria.

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See you on a grand safari one day soon!

P.S. We are closing in on the Safari Winter Season (April – August) and our Bobbejaansberg, Dinokeng location is offering prices 50% less than our mobile expedition prices!

Happy tracking


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