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Grand safari greetings to you

You may recall the last time you were in good company around a bushveld fire, that there were moments of absolute quiet?

A period of no words or idle chatter. Just the hiss of the stumps as they slowly dissolve to ash and an intermittent shower of sparks rise into the infinite night sky taking your thoughts with you?

It doesn’t need to be an African safari campfire either. I’m told the Canadian and Alaskan outdoorsmen know about good campfires too. It’s an ancient ritual and there is not a human on earth that does not have some sort of affinity for the warmth and closeness a fire attracts. Of course the incredible night sounds that accompany a wilderness campfire are the best. But to me there is a lot said when no one is speaking – each granting the other the sanctity of silence and respect for clear thought.

It takes a moment or two – a deep long pause between thoughts to gauge the banter around the fire and to contemplate the value of one’s response.

We are exceptionally proud about the recognition for service excellence we receive each year for our Grand Safari Services. This is mainly due to our Client Commendations we receive.  It’s of paramount importance that we maintain our motto of exchanging in abundance – in other words – supplying a service more than the client expects.

It’s incredible being part of an industry that flies the South African flag so proudly. Even though sometimes daily life in the fast lane can get us down, it’s good to take a look around at the many awards and recognitions for service excellence being bestowed on those making an effort in all types of industries.

It’s quite a motivating process to look at this factor. As a team leader it is vital your team members know that not only are they part of a winning team but out there representing the industry are some of the most amazing teams performing at world class levels too – going for gold, every single day. It’s good to know there are internationally recognised contenders amongst us.

With every award and service excellence recognition we receive it becomes even more of a challenge to keep raising the bar as each new year brings on its own new set of hurdles to clear.

The opposite is also true.

From time to time we hear about other safari, game lodge or tour operators that have let down their clients, dropped the ball so to speak and of course this is not great for the travel and tourism industry or any other industry for that matter. It can take years to regain such clients and rebuild their faith in our country and its products. We are on constant alert to avoid such results at all costs.

The best formula is to ensure that you associate your products with well-recognized industry leaders.

In this way there is a built-in quality assurance. Surround yourself and your team with the best suppliers – those with the best well-proven track records and that come highly recommended from end users.

Then, life can become a little less frantic and a whole lot more magical.

Happy tracking!

Yours in exploration,
Peter Hayward
Safari Camp Outfitter Extraordinaire

P.S. We would like to extend an INVITATION TO YOU or any associates who have not seen our award winning safari operations camp in Dinokeng, to visit us for CAMPFIRE FOOD TASTES and SUNDOWNER DRINKS and to inspect our facilities.

Click here to let us know if you are keen to come safari with us for a few moments.


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