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Authentic safari expeditions have stood the test of time. The first safari travel explorers had the value of an explorer’s travel integrity to take them into the situations they wished to discover and explore in the most practical and engaged manner for new environments and destinations across Africa.

Today, modern tastes and travel amenities have significantly improved the luxury aspects of safari travel. While retaining the essence of the authentic safari journey into untouched nature, they remain at the forefront for first-hand discovery of Africa’s exotic landscapes, cultures and rich wildlife heritage.

Today modern, and privately appointed tented safari camps, mobilize luxury travelers into remote locations where no other accommodation exists. They remain essential in catering to exclusive world travelers who are as passionate about nature as they are about the finer things in life.

Bespoke Safari Savants are…

  • Safari travelers on an African safari understand when the best season for top game viewing opportunities are; and choose remote locations featuring abundant wildlife experiences where there are no other tourists in view.
  • They understand safari travel is all about the luxury of the quality of their experience as they are immersed into new customs, cultures, and experiences. And, while these interactions add to their own quality of life’s values and principles; in return, their contribution supports sustainable conservation, uplifts communities and protects the regions wildlife collateral towards a greener future.
  • Safari travel in Africa remains top of the traveler’s bucket list of extraordinary things to do at least once in a lifetime.

    With so many safari traveloptions available today, how does one know the difference when choosing the most spectacular safari travel experience in Africa?

Unpacking the Safari Journey for private comfort and bespoke luxury adventures:

Understanding Safari travel quality in the African context is important as is the standards of service on offer. You may come across an array of safari offerings but the safari context can differ vastly between a safari lodge, safari hotel, safari camp, safari glamping and bushveld camping.

The three most important deciding factors when booking a safari travel in Africa are:

  • Private or public hospitality services and safari facilities,
  • Standards in accommodation quality and safari hosting experience and;
  • Your private choice of destination you are wanting to travel into to experience.

A safari lodge is like a hotel built in the bush. It is a permanent building of brick and concrete erected on private or reserve land where guests interact together on group safari activities such as game drives and cultural interactions. There is usually a public restaurant, bar, and protected boma for evening meals and all activities taking place in its surrounding environment, usually with game fencing to separate the lodge from the wildlife. Here, the safari travel destination doesn’t change and once you have visited the region there is little need to return again.

In South Africa star-gradings indicate the level of luxury, size and related costs of safari accommodation available. A 5-star lodge guarantees bespoke service, top facilities and exclusive experiences which may include the addition of spas, butlers and top-notch cuisine by celebrity chefs.

Mobile tented safari camps are the mother of sustainable safari travel where 5-star  safari lodge services are carried out under canvas for exclusive groups only – no other guests are around, as this is a bespoke safari event for your private group of guests. An entry-level 3-star tented safari camp will just take you into untouched wilderness.

It is important to only choose a 5-star rated tented safari camp. Experience and professionalism in providing quality safari adventures into untamed nature, takes years to establish and can only be achieved with high end equipment, quality services, fine-tuned logistics and an ingrained travel responsibility to both the guests and the destination collective the group is travelling into.

Tented safari camps of this nature are the epitome of an authentic safari experience in nature as if the King of  Holland were going on an expedition with Livingstone himself. Its luxury, quality and pioneering advantage all rolled into one, offering a new and delightful way in which to experience the natural world.

Luxury tented safari suites are walk in canvas structures with king-size beds, butlers on call, ensuite washroom facilities, hot showers and turned down beds with champagne and chocolates for late night star-gazing – it’s the ultimate in safari travel comfort levels while ensconced in raw nature for an authentic experience on a par with the 5-star lodge offerings but with more privacy and exclusivity and closer, more natural wildlife experiences on call.

Most importantly, luxury tented safari camps blend into the natural environment of the destination they journey into; and on departure leave the camp site as pristine as the day the mobile camp equipment first arrived for camp set up.

With no built facilities, luxury services remain portable and even grey water and waste is completely removed out of the natural environment. All safari facilities and services are packed up again, and once departed, they leave no trace behind.

Freedom and flexibility is guaranteed with a luxury tented camp where safari travel can be chartered into a wide choice of private and exclusive wildlife reserves or desert, sea or mountain destinations at the guests’ own behest.

The experience is best described as if it were the safari guests own private hotel in the bush. Each bespoke group has the opportunity to select personal preferences in silver service menus, culinary experiences, entertainment and event themes and bar and cigar lifestyle choices – offering the ultimate of culinary and lifestyle selections in rustic and authentic experiences as wild and untamed as that of the early explorers.

With no permanent structures, no buildings and no other people to be seen in sight, a luxury tented safari camp revolves around you, the guest where the only thing that separates you from nature and the wild, is the quality canvas of your tent; offering you a front-row seat to the most spectacular show on earth.

BONUS TIP: The all new Big5 Dinokeng Reserve is just one hours’ drive from Johannesburg and offers wildlife experiences on a par with the Kruger National Park for your next safari travel trip close to home.

On chartered luxury mobile travel safaris, all you have to do is sit back and let Nature come out to play. Choose your next bespoke group safari travel destination at



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