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The ritual of fire brings with it the great tradition of storytelling. There is no problem in this world that cannot be solved, according to ancient Zulu tales, Xhosa legend, Venda goddess and Khoi San elders, when seated around the warmth of the fireside.

Whatever our culture or creed, the simplest fireside is a place of gathering with the power to reach within us and birth new ideas, hidden wisdom, forgotten stories. Since the beginning of time fire has been the great connector of me, you, and mankind, giving rise to our voices, the most powerful means of communication still today.

“Storytelling is part of our human plan,” says 5-star safari outfitter and adventure Extraordinaire Peter Hayward. “On a Grand Safari expedition adventure, we have shared firesides with kings, queens and presidents, CEOs and everyday rock stars who join us on an exploration out of their comfort zone and into pristine untamed African bushveld. It’s unknown territory and a chance to live life in the raw, to walk with the lions, leopards and elephants, to hear strange sounds and smell nature free from man’s pollutants.

“Once the fires are lit beneath the open night skies then our real voices are heard, and profound conversations are shared. Meeting around the fireside follows the African tradition of the indaba. Its a meeting place where men, women and children gather to share experiences and impart morals. It’s a place of storytelling which reveals information and tells of understanding that inspires us for greatness. The fireside is a space where social issues can be unpicked; and everyday mysteries solved. Once you have explored a meeting place in nature, a meeting within four brick walls will never be the same again,” says Hayward.

Your Adventure, Your Story

Storytelling by the fireside on an authentic luxury tented safari with your host Peter Hayward takes place amongst the Big 5 in some of the deepest and most untouched natural wildlife reserves in East Africa, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. During the day, guided game-tracking walks explore your environment and reveal the teeming life one can easily miss at first glance.

As shadows become long and dusk settles the great fireside gathering begins, with entertainment and themed dinners, maybe followed by a silent disco if that is your choice of celebratory event on your private chartered safari experience. But it is when the group of fellow journeyers settle around the fire to talk, then so the magic begins and the great tradition of storytelling unveils itself.

A fire’s flames, much like a warm and mesmerizing wand weaves and calls into the reaches of the inner chambers of our hearts. We all have a story to tell and share around the crackling of a warm fireside beneath a vast and star-dazzling sky. Here, night sounds echo out in response from pristine, fragrant bushveld to join with the hiss and glow of thick logs. As the night deepens, the surrounding elements crowd in closer to those at the fireside, with the only known thing at that moment being the earth beneath you and the sky above.

Grand Exploration on a Grand Tented Scale

Exploration begins in our minds and it is here that the true luxury of a safari tented camp comes into play. It’s a group experience in both adventure and comfort – as is every bespoke safari charter – one that has you choose the tiniest detail to the largest logistics of getting to your destination of that required for your private comfort. It’s an adventure of your own making, one that you create as a new event space to both celebrate and ponder when at the fireside.

Untamed luxury for those who have ‘done it all’

It’s also a place where you don’t wander off into the darkness for a closer look at those glittering stars. With risk comes the thrill of adventure. Here in the depths of wild Africa it is still wild and free. Its rules are those of instinct in territory where you are no longer placed at the top of the food chain. That’s why at the Hayward’s African fireside you are also offered the top astronomers, historians, and according to your choice of destination, anthropologists who share history’s lineage and start the conversations that need to be said.

A Haywards mobile tented safari experience is a thrilling space of escape, exploration and quest. Its 5-star service rating running parallel to bespoke Africa where the Haywards team of guides, guards and butlers, protect, pamper and serve your highly privileged group who have undertaken to walk an unbeaten path in self-discovery.

Break away from the pack

As the fire glows deeper into the dark night much is discovered on a Grand Safari tented camp. It’s an authentic safari of discovery of yourself and those around you. A place of memories and laugher, good hearted trade in banter and stories which has echoed down the centuries ever since merchants and traders first traversed the continent bringing spices and exotic wares and their own fireside stories of adventure to share.

Seated at peace and comfort – perhaps on land where no man has ever stepped foot before – and served your bidding by world-class safari service, when fireside tales are first heard, shared, and built on they are also remembered to never leave your heart again.

Wherever flames dance upward, so those will gather. On an authentic Haywards Grand Safari©, you too will have a fireside story to take back home to tell. Take the high road on a big group mobile luxury tented safari in Africa and be inspired!

Join Peter Hayward’s Fireside stories of great history and ancient legend gathered from four generations of pioneers in outfitted mobile safari expeditions for meetings, weddings, celebrations and anniversaries, product launches and car shows, Chairmen’s meetings and international incentives reaching into East Africa to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.


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