What life’s safari journey has taught me

by | Apr 5, 2020 | At the Fireside with Peter Hayward

Grand safari greetings

I trust life is treating you well no matter the circumstances.

Life lessons are an interesting contemplation don’t you think?

We are all on our own safari / journey and walk that path sometimes with family, sometimes with friends and sometimes with enemies, but walk it we do, each and every moment of every day.

Some walk on automatic not really seeing anything around them, sort of on a circuit.

Some walk worrying, worrying, worrying about everything – unknown futures and unknown outcomes, what will happen when this happens? – who?, what?, why?, where?, when?, and how?… endlessly in a very busy mind like an old tired tumble dryer left on forever.

Others walk engrossed on looking for help or seeking sympathy or being an ultimate victim.

We know those that walk by leading, showing others the path, waiting patiently for the laggers, for the ill and decrepit – always so sentient, always time for others and always somehow, unbelievably so, in a jolly good mood.

These generous souls looking to make the present brighter for those around them have already somehow scouted ahead and know the best way forward and even how to convince and show the many that the path they illuminate is the better more survival orientated way across the greatest number of life’s dynamics.

I tend to try and surround myself with this latter group. How about you?

When times become crazy and the world is in sudden turmoil people look for that rare being – the true leader. Only in tough times do some of them appear like humanitarian Angel’s sent to guide and calm, strengthen and embolden those in fear, those in desperation and those who are on the brink of giving it all up.

The solution seekers as I call them.

So here are a few of my life’s lessons I would like to share with you, that may have some relevance for you as they do me.

  1. Never waste anything – be resourceful with that which you have.
  2. Make sure people in your space and that you share time with, are people you love and want around because they want the same for you.
  3. Spend quality time alone and learn to admire yourself and all your facets.
  4. Take time to understand the bigger picture and make your own decisions.
  5. Life on earth is about Plan B’s. Always have a few in reserve.
  6. Do not fear to destroy self-circuitry or automaticity. Replace it with present timeness. Being in the moment.
  7. Never stop strategizing and or/ scenario planning. Look at all possible scenarios/outcomes and work towards your own ideal scene.
  8. Be “three foot” behind societies head. Guide and light up the way forward.
  9. Take full responsibility for knowing and do proper data evaluation before presenting solutions. Avoid presenting barriers.
  10. Always strive towards Ideal Scenes. Know what your options and resources are and work toward attaining your goals.
  11. Have faith in your decisions. Make decisions and take responsibility for their outcomes. Never leave things hanging. They will hang you.
  12. Understand the sources of suppression and understand the consequences if you do not disconnect from them.
  13. Never stop dreaming. Dreaming + imagination is far superior to current circumstances. Postulate your future by bringing it alive. Support your dreams and postulates with actual action – step by step, make it happen.

We all have life lessons that’s for sure. In terms of the current scene around you, what would be the Top Three Life Lessons you would share with me?

Till our next Fireside chat.

Happy explorations!


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