Safari Butlers of the African Bush

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The uniform is the only difference you will discover between a traditional butler of international repute and that of the Hayward’s Safari butler who serves South Africa’s visiting royalty, international celebrities and luxury corporate travelers on mobile tented safari camps into Africa.

Here in the South African bushveld, rather understandably, there is no need for whites – except of course at dinner each evening – but this is always a traditionally elegant ‘Out of Africa’ affair set against the backdrop of a tinkling Grand piano and the crackling of the strategically placed fire biers around the dining tent of your own private luxury safari expedition camp.

The epitome of your personal Safari butler on your elite 5-star safari in wildest Africa is the Hayward’s butlers personal imprint on the land and their considered role in making your safari experience come to life – all while living on the land and within untamed and unfenced Big 5 game territory.


Where Finer Instincts Prevail


As custodians of the guest’s experience in some of the wildest and untouched landscapes across the globe, the Safari butler carries his own instinct for the bush and a finely-tuned sixth sense for serving up luxury and wildlife adventures in chartered spaces. Each Hayward’s guest’s safety is tightly woven into security protocols of a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience delivered with Mother Nature’s own natural delights.

There to make your safari expedition seamless while ‘under canvas’ of a 5-star mobile safari lodge, your butler takes care of your every request that would otherwise require your time and energy. Thankfully, on a bespoke African safari all your needs are well thought out,  and planned and prepped before you even embark on your journey.


While on Safari…


After a day’s game viewing in untouched wilderness which included a spectacular safari picnic luncheon served in the shade of a clump of Acacia trees overlooking the watering hole; your suite is already prepped for the evening’s activities. Your hot water is drawn and your shower is prepared for you in your private ensuite bathroom, along with a range of Africanology personal toiletries.

Your butler already knows your planned schedule and there are no reservations required for your evening’s themed entertainment at the Hayward’s dining tent following sunset canapes and cocktails. Your butler  has already ordered your camel taxi which will safely transport you from your luxury tented suite through Big 5 territory to the main camp to meet with your friends and colleagues already gathering there.

During the day, spa treatment pampering is scheduled between morning and afternoon high tea as well as your choice of creative and sporting activities, including clay pigeon shooting, hot air balloon game viewing, art classes, photography safaris, walking safaris and craft-making instruction from local cultural tribesmen.

Your bush Butler on a Hayward’s bespoke safari expedition is there to enrich your live with not just his skills but his senses. He understands how you like to receive your morning coffee and newspaper as the sun rises. After breakfast, your suite is made up and fresh towels prepared. Your sun umbrella and knee rug ready to start your safari day depending on the weather.

But most importantly, on top of all the usual royal skills of the proverbial butler; the Safari butler is trained in African wildlife and bush skills. He is there to protect you, guide you, inform you, entertain you and advise you in strange and unknown terrain.


Safari Charter Adventure Extraordinaire


With personal training by your Host safari adventurer Peter Hayward and his trusty Production Director Celia du Preez, each of the Hayward’s safari butlers offer the highest quality VIP hospitality to every private and privileged Hayward’s guest. Backed by years of experience and knowledge of curated safari expeditions and excursions which have today created the bench mark in defining Africa’s most  thrilling 5-star safari expedition and event adventures, your Safari pleasure is guaranteed.

A bespoke modern butler on safari may well handle a gun as well as a Moet champagne bottle while serving you silver service at dinnertime against the backdrop of a million stars and the call of the hyena on its night’s scavenge.

With one staff member for every two guests, your Safari butler is versatile, vigorous and just a little bit of an adventure man himself.… He’s there to tell you if there is a rainstorm coming or if you should you be heading out right now to track a passing rhino. He’s there to advise what is best to wear regarding your hats and shoes on a walking safari and is reminding you to take your binoculars and camera with you on your sunset game drive.

He’s there to hand you your favourite drink in the heat of the day and afterward’s to service you with a cooling traditional hand wash as you get back into camp at dusk. And he is your night guard and chaperone, protecting you from the hunt of lions and the blind blundering of elephant which is set upon foraging at night.

High up on the Hayward’s list of Safari butler essentials is that of confidentiality and international etiquette so you are always guaranteed guest satisfaction and personal privacy.

Such service and dedication on a Hayward’s Safari does not go unnoticed. Hayward Safari butlers are honoured for their special brand of safari service on every safari guest feedback form which rates the Hayward’s Safari butler service first every time, delivering a 9.8 satisfaction rate out of 10 service categories.

When you book a group safari expedition in Africa, expect only royal Safari service from your 5-star personal butler when you charter a private safari expedition into South Africa’s deepest and wildest wildlife frontiers.

Remember International Butler Day taking place 29 July 2020 – choose Hayward’s to be at your safari service every time. Discover your location and enjoy discreet safari service and luxury in the African bushveld as the choice of kings worldwide.


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