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I trust you are doing well and the seasons have been good to you so far.

It’s a funny thing when you sit down and work out what is meant by “great value for money”.

Does this mean “really cheap” in your opinion? Or perhaps, “bargain of the year”? It’s a worthwhile investigation when one mulls it over a bit as so often it can seem that the travel incentive industry is all and only about trying to get the cheapest deal. But is it actually this way?

In the twenty-five years I’ve been running the grand safari tented camp services of Hayward’s, I’ve found that we have constantly got feedback from our clients that we have provided a “great value for money safari service”.

It can make your head spin sometimes as of course when you add up the itemized bills and put it all there for the client, it wasn’t actually ever “cheap”. But then I like to look at exactly what has gone into our fabulous safari – the meticulous detail in the construction of the safari tented camp event, the carefully thought through guests experience that has taken so many things into account that the mind boggles and to top it all the hands-on management of every single safari I’ve ever done (I have not missed a safari event and have actually been there to personally oversee every one since the conception of Hayward’s in 1991).

My young management team and I have an unbroken track record of over 100 safari events done together and have never ever handed the clients job to a junior lackey to run. I suppose that’s “value for money”?

When it comes to creating incredible big group safari events, it always starts with the budgets of the client. Sometimes their wishlist and their budgets don’t match BUT that’s where our mobility and ability to bring the grand camp safari experience closer to them – without losing any lustre – can really handle this unsolvable dilemma as so much of big group events and incentive budgets are squandered on the logistics of getting them into some remote “big 5” location.

We’ve handled this one by setting up incredible big 5 camps within an hour of OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg slashing budgets and upping the game big time (pun intended) in terms of the safari experience.

Overall with our rand currency dollar exchange rate, our exemplary South African service and outstanding presentation we are as a country outstanding value for money and when we get our creative juices flowing, world-class award-winning events become the order of the day!

That’s true value for money don’t you think? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Until next time.

Keep exploring,


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